Test 03 – A wealthy merchant

A wealthy merchant lived in a certain kingdom. The merchant died and left three sons of age.

The two elders went hunting every day. At one time, they took with them their younger brother, Ivan, to hunt, led him into a dense forest and left him there so that all his father’s estate would be divided among themselves and his inheritance be deprived.

Ivan, a merchant’s son, wandered through the forest for a long time, ate berries and roots, finally got out onto the plain and on that plain he saw a house.

I went into the rooms, walked, walked — there is nobody, everywhere is empty; only in one room is the table set for three appliances, on the plates are three breads, in front of each appliance there is a bottle of wine.

Ivan, a merchant’s son, bit off a small piece of each bread, ate it, and then drank a little from all three bottles and hid behind the door.