Test 03 – There were two kingdoms of man

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There were two kingdoms of man
And they ruled in peace
The land of men was green
And their people grew ever younger
It was said
That man’s blood flowed through the river
Tightly woven around the land
The roots of trees grew deep beneath the ground
That they would soon die
When these two kingdoms fell, they were both swallowed by the ocean

When they first met, the two had lived in harmony
Their cultures lived in harmony
Their laws held great power
Their kingdoms ruled with such wisdom, they were never attacked or destroyed
And their laws, which held such power
They were never challenged again in the decades that the war was fought
Yet all too often the two nations were left shattered when their land was ripped away

The kingdom of Man was an empire
The people of Man loved the gods
They worshiped the gods
Yet many men were slaughtered during battle
This was no time to mourn, this was a time to rejoice, and with the two of them it began
With God’s permission, the two kingdoms were once more reunited

As time passed the two kingdoms did not dwell in peace
Their lands were never free of conflict